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Michael Norris

VP of Engineering

What I do at Tillo

I’m VP of engineering at Tillo. I’m responsible for  the integrity, performance, and security of our systems; I manage a high-performing team of engineers across multiple disciplines and work very closely with the product and design team to develop our award-winning products.

Why Tillo

What really sets us apart from other employers is our culture. And we really do practice what we preach. 

Our engineering team operates in a very collaborative, open way - we’ll give you support and training, as well as the opportunity to take ownership of projects and continually develop your skills. 

Who am I?

I’ve been with Tillo from the early days, starting out as a senior engineer - in the last 6 years I’ve taken on more responsibility for the technical strategy of our products, infrastructure and engineering teams. 

Advice for prospective candidates

There are a couple of things that impress us when we’re hiring engineers into the team: enthusiasm for the role, and a portfolio or passion project that shows your skills and problem solving abilities. Did you identify a challenge or gap and come up with a creative solution just because you were interested? We’d love to hear about it. 

Even if this is your first software engineering role, you might have what we’re looking for! Always do your research, read the job description carefully, and bring your excitement to the interview 🚀

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